About the Project

Cross-Re-Tour promotes open innovation and allows SMEs to improve their operational performance by integrating digital, green and circular economy practices.

A substantial shift in consumer choices, preferences, and behaviour has taken hold in the post-COVID-19 landscape, favouring sustainability and digital acceleration. This paradigm change has been fueled by the crisis’s increasing emphasis on global health and public awareness and consciousness of the well-being of the communities. This increased awareness highlights a fundamental need to transfer innovative solutions, products and practices to industry to tackle climate change, sustainability, and digitisation issues.


Inform, share and create awareness among tourism SMEs about the existence of green, digital and Circular Economy solutions from other sectors that they can use in their business operations

Provide tourism SMEs with learning opportunities, competitive self-assessment, market intelligence, and knowledge about scalable and replicable solutions

Function as a matchmaker and support SMEs with information to select business partners to speed up the twin transition

Offer SMEs financial support for adapting, redeveloping green, digital and CE innovations developed in corporates or other sectors as well as testing them on their own business operations

Organise awareness raising campaigns, disseminating and exploiting project results and search for commercialisation of best practices, through connecting them to transnational investors and funders