The three stages of the Cross-Re-Tour wheel are re-enforcing each other’s motion – Re-Tour, Co-Create and Cross-Tour –, which should lead to a continuous process of green, digital, and circular innovation in tourism SMEs.

Engage tourism SMEs through Online Dialogues

Identify knowledge gaps and constraints during the twin transition

Present a market scan of solutions in digital and green practices

8 exploration areas

Utilise an online diagnostic tool for SMEs to assess challenges – AAT.

Establish a knowledge hub to address constraints and propose solutions.

Expand the TourBIZZ community, connecting SMEs with solutions suppliers from other sectors.

An estimated 160 SMEs shall receive business advisory services from the knowledge hub.

Open call for applications providing financial support to 80 tourism SMEs

Involve transnational communication, dissemination, and commercialization efforts

Final show-and-share event for replicability and scalability